YodaQA is an open source Factoid Question Answering system that can produce answer both from databases and text corpora using on-the-fly information extraction. By default, open domain question answering is performed on top of the Freebase and DBpedia knowledge bases as well as the texts of enwiki articles.

YodaQA goals are practicality and extensible design, though it serves as a research project as well. Right now, we are still in early alpha regarding accuracy as well as speed; in the future, we hope to also add some deductive capabilities and include "personal assistant" style conversation capabilities.

YodaQA stands for "Yet anOther Deep Answering pipeline" and the system is built on top of the Apache UIMA and DKpro UIMA bindings and developed as part of the Brmson platform. The QA logic is mostly original work, but much of the designs and componets are inspired by the DeepQA (IBM Watson) and state-of-art papers.



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